No, not the action! First get rid of that common idea: the idea of action. We always say: ‘This is easier said than done”, but when things are badly said, they are also badly done.

We hear the philosopher being told: “We’ve spoken enough, it’s time to act!”

But it’s a trap. Actors (action people), there are hundreds that fly over my head every two minutes – I’m writing from the outskirts of an airport – they make a deafening din. One day, we will to draw up the balance sheet of their actions. Maybe we will discover that they participate in self-sustaining activities, of a perfectly nonsensical entropy, of too spontaneous initiatives the ends of which weren’t at first set down, analyzed and decided.

We must have faith to believe that entropy leads to equilibrium when we see chaos (and climate change) almost everywhere. Action people follow an inertia of which they know almost nothing and it’s probably time now to bring thinking back into favour.

(in The Guardian Weekly letters, 11 October 2013, see Action can be overrated)
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